Thursday, 14 May 2009

There is a known issue with Canon EOS40D autofocus - Canon EOS 40D

Advantages: I hear this is a fantastic camera when it works

Disadvantages: Known autofocus issues

I was one of the unlucky ones when I bought the Canon EOS 40D. 

It would seem that there are known issues with these in regard to autofocus, although they were obviously not known to the wider public. 

I ended up being unlucky with one of these camers THREE times. 

It would be easy for some smarty pants to say "you weren't using it right", but I spent ages going through the manual and trying all sorts of situations and lighting and could not get an unsoft picture out of this. 

I bought them all in Jessops. 

I have spoken to various Jessops staff in various branches, at other times unrelated to my unfortunate purchases, and when pushed they will admit to there being a known problem with the autofocus. I know they have to sell these things, but when there is a known issue, should they really still be keeping them on the shelves, in the hope that they don't have any duffs, and that customers aren't going to notice. 

What is annoying most is that one member of staff in a shop will tell you that there is an issue and another member in the same shop, will tell you there isn't. All I can conclude from that is that either someone is lying or the shop manager doesn't communicate - I won't name and shame any particular branches. 

So although my rant seems aimed at Jessops for stocking these and happily pushing them out, Canon should have been recalling these. 

I like Canon cameras, but Canon get low marks in this instance

Summary: Naughty Canon and Jessops

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