Thursday, 14 May 2009

Definitely a keepsake - Keepsakes: A Collection - All About Eve

Advantages: A great overview for the new listener

Disadvantages: The same old same old for the established fan

This band were much under rated and forgotten too quickly by the music press, and while that really doesn't mean anything to die hard fans, it means the record companys are less likely to take a punt on a band's next success - this means no new LP and no major tour, so the reality to the fan is, although they can carry on liking their favourite band, it means no new stuff, no night out to look forward to. Now even though record companys do recognise when they think a band's time is up, the companys still continue to churn out the 'best ofs' and the 'greatest hits', and this isn't always a bad thing. These albums give a new audience a quick way into what a band was all about (Eve in this instance - oops). All About Eve sprang out of that period in the mid eighties when the sophisticated goth, was now becoming a little more laid back and evolving into some sort of hippy character. The demise of the Sisters of Mercy and from this, the rise of The Mission and The Cult, with their spangly fashion and jangly sound is probably responsible for the look and sound that the Goth gravitated towards. And The Mission had a couple of buddies who played in a band called All About Eve with a similar sound and a similar fashion. If you like a blend of music with a jangly 1960s feel, blended with the gothy 1980s darkness and a touch of the Fleetwood Mac's more romantic moments, then top this off with a little of the 'Englishness' of Steeleye Span and the folkiness of Fairport Convention, specifically Sandy Denny, you will like All About Eve. This package comes as a CD/DVD box set and is a selection of 'favoured' tracks from their albums All About Eve (1988), Scarlet and Other Stories (1989), Touched By Jesus, (1991), and Ultraviolet (1992) 

1. Flowers In Our Hair 
2. In The Clouds 
3. Wildhearted Woman 
4. Every Angel 
5. Martha's Harbour 
6. What Kind Of Fool - Tarot Version 
7. Road To Your Soul 
8. December 
9. Scarlet 
10. Farewell Mr. Sorrow 
11. Strange Way 
12. The Dreamer 
13. Phased 
14. Some Finer Day 
15. Let Me Go Home 
16. Every Angel 
17. Martha's Harbour 
18. What Kind Of Fool 
19. Scarlet 
20. More Than The Blues 
21. Farewell Mr. Sorrow 
22. What Kind Of Fool 
23. Martha's Harbour

Summary: Get this for some laid back listening

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