Thursday, 14 May 2009

Dunk them in your tea - Nestle Kit Kat

Advantages: They don't break up when you dunk

Disadvantages: none

Kit Kat is one of Britains most well known and loved chocolate snacks. It comes in a variety of sizes - there is the two-finger Kit Kat, the four finger and the Kit Kat Chunky. 

The 'finger' versions are essentially two or four slim finger sized chocolate covered, cream filled wafers, joined together to form one bar. The fingers are snapped off, so they are great for sharing. the Kit Kat chunky is the one for me as it doesn't lend itself to sharing as well. It is thicker, so it feels to me as if you have more wafer to chocolate ration, but I am sure that is just my opinion and others will think differently. 

Now whichever Kit Kat you choose, you can do that most British of things - dunk! These are great anytime, but you can't beat a cup of tea or coffee to dip them in. Everyone has their own knack. I like to leave it in the drink just long enough for the chocolate to melt. It makes such a delicious melt in your mouth. 

Do enjoy!

Summary: A favourite choc-wafer snack

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