Thursday, 14 May 2009

bubble bubble these are no trouble (Roysters Bubbled Chips T-Bone Steak Flavour)

Advantages: Great texture

Disadvantages: none

I am sorely disappointed! I actually wanted to mention something about Royster's Cheese and Onion, which I haven't seen for years, and was hoping I would find either a review here on dooyoo, or at least some information about Royster's Cheese and Onion. Anyway, no such luck, so let me give you my thoughts on Royster's T Bone Steak flavour instead. For anyone not familiar with Roysters, they have the most marvelous texture. You may have from time to time, when eating a regular bag of crisps came up against a crisp with a 'bubble' in it. Interesting huh? Anf you would carry on eating your regular bag. Now Roysters. They are a big bag of crispy potato-ey bubbles. If you are after a little more than flavour in your potato crisp snack, you really need to head to the Roysters shelf and pick these up. the texture really does add to the eating experience. Kids will love them. And on top of this wonderful bubbly texture is a real depth of meatiness to the flavour. I have done this review from memory to be honest, as I haven't had a bag of these for years. I am hoping these haven't gone the way of their cheese and onion cousins., Perhaps someone reading this will leave a comment to let us all know!

Summary: a delicious alternative to 'regular' crisps

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