Thursday, 14 May 2009

For summer and winter (Lockets Cough Sweets)

Advantages: Quick relief for blocked nose

Disadvantages: Could be tastier

As I sit here writing this, my nose is blocked, as are my sinuses. I also have just a tinge of a sore throat. I know exactly what I need. I also have a packet of Lockets Honey and Lemon just next to my mouse mat. I have just popped one in my mouth and already I can feel my nose and my sinuses just starting to clear. That really is better! These are actually something that I always ensure I have a packet of in my bag all through out the winter months,and with winter on its way, I must make sure I don't drop that habit. But don't just keep them for the winter. I find them very useful in the summer for those days when the pollen count seems to make my sinuses clag up - just be aware they are not going to cure or relieve sinusitis, but I can at least breathe when I suck on one of these. I normally try and resist biting into these, but when you do a there is a lovely flow of honey flavour to trickle down and give your throat some relief. Crunch, there it goes!

Summary: An all year round relief for a blocked nose and sore throat

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