Thursday, 14 May 2009

My take away treat (Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC))

Advantages: Very tasty

Disadvantages: Health issues if eaten too often

KFC is my 'treat' when it comes to fast food. 

This is the one I will actually enjoy sitting at home eating in front of the telly, and let me tell you I really do enjoy that. I love that thing of not having to do any cooking or washing up - just getting through the door, chucking your shoes and jacket off - getting the telly and the heating on and just chilling in front of the telly (there's a contradiction!). 

So you are sat there all relaxed and you open the packet to find 


So you jump in the car and go back to the shop, and so far I have not had a problem with the guy in the shop, apologising and changing the order, but it has happened far too often. 

OK so fortunately I have trained myself to CHECK the big brown bag before leaving the shop now, and I always feel as if I am being impolite doing that, but it hasd to be done. 

I won't dwell on the food too much, there are occassions when you get home and the food is cold to the extent that it must have been when it left the shop, but in general the food is excellent, bearing in mind it is fast food you are being dished up. 

I would give this a review a 5 star because the food is good, but like I pointed out, all too often they get the order wrong which completely spoils your chill-out-in-front-of-the-telly treat. Always check before leaving the shop!

Summary: Great Food but all too often the server gets the order wrong

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