Thursday, 14 May 2009

Stick this in your pipe - Collectible Pipes by Jean Rebeyrolles

Advantages: Excellent picture reference with just enough supporting text to make it a good read

Disadvantages: There is no deep knowledge to be gained. To be fair, 'expert' knowledge costs much more

This book is packed with pictures and has supporting information for the collector of pipes. 

It is approx 5 and a half inches square, or about 14 cm square for you young pups that measure everything in metric. 

The Contents are 
Classic pipes 
Figurative pipes 
Animal pipes 
Memorable pipes 
Unusual pipes 

The book is essentially a picture reference for collectors, with a paragraph or so of supporting information for each pipe featured. The introduction is lengthy at approx 26 pages including other pipe related pictures. the actual pipe photographs are isolated against a white background, which gives a better appreciation if the detail. 

The introduction is essentially a good, well written, account which is both historical and educational. Just a quick calculation with page numbers show that there are probably about 320 pipes illustrated here. What is interesting about this book is the diversity of shapes, sizes and colours. The supporting texts also tell us something about the people and cultures that used a particular sort of pipe, perhaps why a pipe was designed in a certain way. 

The book is not highly detailed, and it would be easy to dismiss the book as an overall beginners book. I don't believe this is the case. I believe this book should belong on the shelves of all pipe smokers, pipe collectors and general smokerama enthusiasts. Yes it does have a good amount of information for the beginner, but for all levels of knowledge and experience it is a very handy visual reference. 

Expect to pay around a tenner for a new copy or about £3 or £4 for a used copy on

Summary: A great picture reference and a good read.

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