Thursday, 14 May 2009

I'll have cheddar cheese please

Advantages: Tasty and relatively cheap compared to other types of cheese

Disadvantages: Fat content

I couldn't live without cheese! And cheddar is the King of cheeses, surely? You needn't have anything else in your kitchen other than cheddar. I know hardened cooks and chefs will disagree with me strongly, but cheddar is: 
the thing for the top of your pizza, you really don't need mozarella. 
the stuff you grate it onto your spag bol, you really dont need that parmesan.
the stuff you have with your glass of port, you really don't need that stilton. OK I made that up a little, but as long as your cheddar is strong and pongy it will do fine with your glass of port. 
Cheddar is that lovely stringy mess you can have with your fondue thing 
It is the stuff that is drippy in your Welsh Rarebit 
It is the stuff you grate into your scrambled egg mixture just before you cook it. 
It is the stuff you slowly add to the rest of the mix when you are making a cheese sauce 
It is the delicious tang in a macaroni cheese 
It is what makes cauliflower palatable in a cauliflower cheese. 
I have yet to try this, but I hear it is fantastic grated into tomato soup. 
Then we have good old toasted cheese, cooked just till the bubbles appear. 
Then, get this, you will like this bit best. You can have cheddar cheese all on its own, a tasty snack, albeit a little fatty, but delicious, delicious, delicious! 
Get some cheese for your kitchen!

Summary: Cheese will keep you going till your next hunger pang.

Image taken from fortinbras Flickr account under the creative commons scheme

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