Thursday, 14 May 2009

Full capacity enjoyment - The Very Best Of 10CC - 10CC

Advantages: Honest quality pop music

Disadvantages: none

One for the over forties. If you like soft rock, perhaps a little AOR in places, with a little hint at a Beach Boys influence in places you will absolutely love this. Over 70 mins of reminiscing. 

OK friends this is a wonderful 1970s nostalgia fest indeed, each track will have you thinking "I remember just what I was doing then." 

Some of my favourites are 

I find 10cc original and unoriginal at the same time. They definitely let whatever influences shine through and this has a 1950s feel, brought into the 1970s. 

Wall Street Shuffle; 
I love the riff at the beginning it is just straight in. Great content in the lyrics. 

I'm Not In Love; 
Atmospheric! This song has probably lost its original feel over the years, but great use of 'choir' voices in the background and the muted synth/piano really give this a muted feel. 

I'm Mandy Fly Me; 
I love the little Beach Boys skit in the background at the beginning and the dreamy instrumentation with its double meanings - ? 

I was also glad to hear the wonderful Godley & Creme's Under Your Thumb included here. 

By the way it is not just for the over forties, I recommend anyone to try this. 

The tracks are: 

1. Donna 
2. Rubber Bullets 
3. The Dean And I 
4. The Wall Street Shuffle 
5. Silly Love 
6. Life Is A Minestrone 
7. Une Nuit A Paris (Part 1) / The Same Night In Paris (Part 2) / Later The Same Night In Paris (Part 3) 
8. I'm Not In Love 
9. Art For Art's Sake 
10. I'm Mandy Fly Me 
11. The Things We Do For Love 
12. Good Morning Judge 
13. Dreadlock Holiday 
14. People In Love 
15. Under Your Thumb - Godley & Creme 
16. Wedding Bells - Godley & Creme 
17. Cry - Godley & Creme 
18. Neanderthal Man - Hotlegs

Summary: A nostalgia feast for anyone over forty [ not that I am :) ]

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