Thursday, 14 May 2009

Not a single Pringle left. I ate them all!

Advantages: Compact packaging which can be reused. Very tasty.

Disadvantages: I don't know of any

For anyone who hasn't been on planet earth for a while, Pringles are a tasty snack, rather similar to the potato crisp, but they differ in that their society has evolved in a manner where thay can save space by being the same shape. Pringles have taken advantage of this by cohabiting in tubes rather than the packet of their cousin the humble potato crisp. Pringles like to 'spoon' up against each other in their high tube house. Now what this means for you and I, is that they come in a handy space-saving package and the package can, with a little ingenuity, be used for other purposes, once the packet is empty. the best use of a pringle packet I have seen is as a pinhole camera. So there is a degree of recycling going on when you decide to buy Pringles 
Now the pringle itself is rather an odd shape, rather like a flat disc, but it has been bent twice, once one way and once the other, at the same time. And they taste good too! 
It would be easy to say they taste like any other salty snack, but with Pringles you have the whole experience of the feel of the pringle in your mouth. And yes, getting them out of the tube is a bit of an awkward ritual. The first few are easy to get out of the tube, the ones in the middle are a bit awkward to get out if you have big knuckles, then the ones at the end you will resort to pouring them into a bowl. 
The best way to eat Pringles is not too share them with anyone else!!

Summary: A tasty snack, best eaten alone.

Image taken from Roadsidepictures Flickr account under the creative commons scheme

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