Thursday, 14 May 2009

Marks and Spencers Foodhall Go on treat yourself to some M&S goodies

Advantages: Tasty and full of quality

Disadvantages: Expensive

Marks and Spencers Food is a treat. 

And what it is about their food I just cannot put my finger on. 

Everything screams quality, and obviously with quality comes a price. 

Although the bigger Marks & Spencers probably carry a similar range of food that the regular supermarkets do, I never feel as if I am in a supermarket when I am shopping there. 

The food seems to be laid out in a way that I can't pin down, I think maybe there is more room to get your trolley around, or it may be that it is so expensive that there are fewer people go there (except for Christmas when it is always PACKED). 

Now it would be fair to say that most 'ready meals' these days are reasonable quality, but it would be very fair to describe M&S ready meals as supreme - they really are tasty, sometimes a little too rich if you are not used to 'eating well' 

Me being me though I love to get my snack treats here. My favouries being the chocolate sundae thatthey do. It is so rich and chocolatey, you will only want one, well till the next time. And my favourite is M&S' range of handcooked crisps made with sunflower oil - the sea salt and cracked black pepper in particular. These are thicker than your average crisp and the black pepper really does leave an impression on the tongue. 

Go on treat yourself to some M&S goodies

Summary: Quality food at 'quality' prices

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