Thursday, 14 May 2009

Billy Bear Sausage

Advantages: Kids love it, so do adults

Disadvantages: none really

Oh to be a child again. Do you remember being fed this as a nipper. I bet it came to you in a sandwich, which really disappointed the whole shopping experience you had that afternoon with your mother. Was it worth all the tugging and pulling at her coat at the deli counter, to finally grab her attention and get her to see this attraction, because no it wasn't the idea of food that attracted you it was the lovely bear face. And then you get home, get all excited about Mr Bear. Mum says, "here you are", and you think, "where's the bear". So you find the bear in the sandwich, and get told off for playing with your food and eventually decide to eat it, and just at that moment all thoughts of the friendly bear are forgotten as you chew around this delicious meat. This really is one for the kids, and it really is tasty, but I won't tell anyone if I see you on your own at the delis counter asking for a fewe slices of this and asking the assistant to pop it in a brown paper bag for you. Your secret is safe with me.

Summary: A fun snack for ALL

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