Thursday, 14 May 2009

Sainsbury's Mini Sausage Rolls - Wait till I get you home.

Advantages: Small and delicious

Disadvantages: none

When I was a child I absolutely hated sausage rolls with a passion you may or may not believe. These seemed to be the cure all of all hunger on all ocassions, and it would seem that at any opportunity an older relative had to shove a sausage roll down my throat it would be done. 

So fast forward a number of years to your teen years and you discover drink and parties, and what happens when you have had a drink at a party? You eat everything in sight! 

And this is where I acquired my tolerance of sausage rolls. Now admittedly I am still not too keen on them, but when I am in the mood for them they are absolutely delicious. 

And especially these little so-and-sos from Sainsburys! 

You know the drill, pop 'em in the oven and all that and get them all nice and crispy.... nah not for me... 

Pop them in the microwave, they go all soft rather than crispy, and I like them like this. Proper little morsels of loveliness and as you will know from my other reviews I really enjoy sitting in front of the telly and getting stuck in to some grub. So that is you snack sorted out. 

What about lunch, tea or even supper? 

This is where your favourite beans and the microwave again come into action. You heat either the beans or the sausage roll first and then t'other, depending on which one you don't mind getting a little cooler. 

And obviously put the sausage rolls on a plate and plop the beans on top - better still - get a tin of beans with those little pork sausages in them. Scrumlicious! 

Don't forget a cup of tea with three sugars in. 

Ohh lovely little Sainsburys Sausage Rolls, wait till I get you home.

Summary: An anytime snack or even part of a full meal.

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