Thursday, 14 May 2009

Revel in these Mars Revels

Advantages: All in all a tasty treat

Disadvantages: For me, the coffee and orange flavours stop me from buying.

According to an older relative, Revels have been described in the past as a box of chocolates in a bag. 

So what do you get in a bag of Revels? Basically a selection of near round-shaped chocolate treats. 

There is one you may already be familiar with and that is the good old Malteser, basically a ball of malt flavoured honeycomb covered in chocolate. 

There is a raisin variety, essentially a raisin covered in chocolate. I find this one particularly delicious. Sometimes they move the goalposts and swap this with a peanut variety, which I am not so keen on. 

Next we have a good old chocolate button style sweet, essentially a big chocolate button covered in a crisp chocolate shell. Just play around with this in your mouth - try and get the chocolate shell off then enjoy the lovelines inside. 

Next up there is a caramel toffee, which I find a bit hard and trying on the teeth. I would have prefered a softer caramel type sweet. 

I know they say you should always leave the best till last, but I have broken the rules here. There are two flavours which I don't think belong in any box, or bag, of chocolates and that is the coffee and orange 'crème' type, and what do we have here? Yes those very two. 

These two flavours are over-sickly and over-sweet and don't belong anywhere in my humble opinion. 

Despite liking real coffee and real oranges I hate the coffee and orange flavoured revels. It defeats me as to why they continue to put these in, as anyone I have spoken to detests these. I understand they did replace the coffee with a different flavour at one time, but it seems coffee is back to stay. 

So with that in mind I rarely buy a bag of Revels, why spend money on something you are only going to enjoy about 60 percent of?

Summary: Despite my reservations about some flavours, still a quality product.

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