Thursday, 14 May 2009

The perfect antidote to a failing ebay -

Advantages: FREE to list. No FVF for seller+.

Disadvantages: Buyer to seller ratio unbalanced, though this is improving as more people get to hear about ebid

This website beats ebay! 

It has CUSTOMER SERVICE for a start. 

Let's get ebay out of the way first. Ebid has been a largely undiscovered treasure due to ebay's monopoly on online auctions. It is constantly making changes to its site and making it more and more awkward for people to trade there. 

Buyers and sellers have had enough and are getting to hear about ebid. 

So what is so great about ebid? 

Put simply it is practically fee free! NO LISTING FEES! 
There is a minimal final value fee, seller+ accounts don't pay this, unless they have extras, such as a gallery listing 

Buyers benefit from this because they get stuff cheaper than they would on ebay. 

Sellers are free to offer whichever payment method they prefer. (ebay have forced the use of its sister company paypal onto the sellers, so sellers are being charged TWICE for the 'privilege of trading there). 

Ebid allows Google Checkout which is a far superior method of online payment. 

Buyers benefit from this because there are many who want to buy online but would prefer to avoid using paypal (paypal has a seriously bad customer service - paypal is supposedly OK when you don't have a problem, but when you do get one it is usually VERY difficult to resolve). 

You can have five shops on ebid FOR FREE. ehich means you can list your items at reasonable buy now prices without having to go in and relist them. 

There is no time like NOW to go over and give ebid a try. Also be sure to visit the forums 

I thorougly recommend you give ebid a try for your online buying.

Summary: 11 out of 10 Free to list, payment flexibiliy, choice of account levels allowing FEE FREE listing.

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