Thursday, 14 May 2009

King of smooth chins - King of Shaves Shaving Oil

Advantages: It works, a burn free shave. Compact for your overnight bag.

Disadvantages: Cost perhaps, but some things are worth paying for.

This really does work. For the first time in my life, I have found a shaving product, where you feel as if you have actually had a shave, rather than feel as if you have run a razor over your face over and over till you have something resembling smoothness. 
King of Shaves shaving oil, comes in a small bottle and to be honest to look at it, you will think you won't get many uses from it. All it supposedly takes is a few drops on the fingertips, which you then work into the stubble - you actually need a little more to cover the face and neck. Once rubbed in your face will start to fell just slightly numb, and you can get straight down to the business of having a nice, smooth chin. This essentially lubricates the skin, though not to the extent where the blade slips over the stubble. Just wash your face as normal afterwards, and moisturise if that is part of your routine. Either way your skin will feel good afterwards and you won't have any messy gel or foam to wipe up anywhere.

Summary: A smooth shave all round

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