Thursday, 14 May 2009

The Saints Go Marching In

Advantages: Modern

Disadvantages: Not quite the Premier League

St Marys is the football stadium of Southampton in the area of St Mary's naturally enough. It is a UEFA 4-star rated stadium and with a capacity of about 32,000 and is the largest football stadium in the South of England, outside of London. It is the home of Southampton football club who have played there since 2001. 

I have been to St Mary's a number of times and I really like this stadium. The atmosphere is always really good and everyone knows hot to enjoy themselves with plenty of songs and banter. In the main the fans are well spirited, and granted it is a football stadium, you will get a few nutters from time to time, but the Saints mob are generally pretty good natured. Home and away fans always seem to get on just fine. 

Seating is a bit close and there are a few restricted view seats, but check before you commit to tickets. The food isn't too bad and is reasonably priced for a footy stadium. It isn't at all far from the railway station for any visitors, and there are plenty of bars in southampton beetween the station and the ground. 

A nice modern ground well worth a visit.

Summary: A nice modern ground

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