Thursday, 14 May 2009

Keep this to yourself (Chicago Town Deep Dish Pizza)

Advantages: You are not obliged to share this with anyone

Disadvantages: Someone will likely ask you for a slice, making you feel guilty

It would be easy to look at my other reviews and say "hey this guy must be a little big around the waist. Yes I do reviews of food mainly. This is mainly because we gotta eat, we eat every day, so why not review thethings we are in contact with most, the things that are to know about and we are most comfortable with. 
And it is this notion of familiarity that brings me to pizza. 
Pizza has always had a special place in my gullet, everything from the little cheap and nasty 11 pence things you get in some supermarkets, which are the size of a two pence piece, right up to something supreme, you would get in a posh pizzeria. 
Now I am not particularly fussy when it comes to pizza, as long as it has cheese and tomato on it and a base that isn't rock hard, I will eat it. 
But if you set down in front of me a Chicago Town Deep Dish Pizza, I am all yours! 
All you gotta do is pop one of these in the oven, but if you have a fan assisted, turn the oven DOWN a notch or two and give it 5 or 10 mins longer than usual, and keep an eye on it. I have found they don't cook through within the time given on the instructions. 
Serve, on a big plate, get yourself a big knife and set yourself in front of the telly. Cut into slices, then get your fingers messy (you mustn't eat pizza, daintily with a knife and fork, except perhaps in a restaurant, maybe!). Don't share this with anyone, tell them to get their own. This is the best way to enjoy a Chicago Town, watching other people drool as you eat!

Summary: Delicious pizza and it is all yours, no one elses

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