Thursday, 14 May 2009

Kendal Mint Cake Loveliness

Advantages: It tastes nice and you don't need to go hiking to enjoy it

Disadvantages: none

Apparently Kendal mint cake is a sweet bar used by walkers, mountaineers and the general outdoor type to give them energy whilst out on their pursuits. 

It comes in a wrapper about the size of a bar of chocolate, and is a little brittle. 

There are varieties of Kendal Mint cake made from brown sugar, and there are other chocolate covered varieties, but to me Kendal mint cake is the one made with white sugar. 

It is essentially made from white sugar, water and peppermint and no doubt other ingredients to give it its particular texture and hold it together. 

Now if you really want to experience this properly I suppose you should go out walking in the Lake District or Loch Lomonf and pop a chunk into your mouth everynow and then. 

No Sireee! 

I am in front of that telly watching the footie with a pint of Guinness, popping that lovely melty mintyness into my gob and letting it slowly dissolve until my next chunk, interspered of course with a very large and healthy sip of Guinness. 

Hey guys, while your sat atop Ben Lomond freezing your nuts off, I am sat in front of the fire watching the telly. 

Enjoy your walk!

Summary: 10/10

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