Thursday, 14 May 2009

Save time in the kitchen with a quality sharp knife

Advantages: Quick quick quick!

Disadvantages: Mind your fingers!

there are things we neglect in the kitchen that could make our lives so much easier. One of these being a good quality sharp knife. 

How often have you laboured over chopping onions. The task is generally slowed down because your eyes are welling up with tears so you stop to wipe your eyes, and besides it is not good to be wielding a knife when you can't see what you are doing, and this just slows you right down. I always marvel at the top chefs on the telly who seem to whizz through chopping veg. For years I thought my kitchen knives were OK, and I couldn't whizz through veg as quick because it was down to technique. So I promised I would try to learn what their technique was. 

So I am at a friends one day for lunch and I arrive early and he is still in the kitchen chopping away like the chefs on the box. So I ask him to show me how it is done, and he hands me his knife and says just try it, and sure enough, I am cutting through hard carrots like butter. We chatted and he explained to me that for years he often wondered why he struggled to cut veg, and he was told by a chef friend to spend out on a good quality knife and a sharpening steel, learn how to use it. Easy when you know how!

Summary: Spend a little extra on a good knife and save time and money in the long run

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