Thursday, 14 May 2009

More of a reminisce than a review! - Amiga in General

Advantages: has a great 'feel' to it

Disadvantages: none

More of a reminisce than a review! 

This thing I loved. A great games machine and how I used to look forward to the next edition of any of the Amiga magazines. Back in the day computer magazines really did carry useful coverdisks. 

A great array of games and sometimes, just sometimes a really useful utility such as a word processor or decent music making package, with no limitations. 

My Amiga days were also the days before the internet got a hold on us so I actually used the machine (nowdays 99% of my computer usage is being online). 

I am not technical in anyway, but I understand from others that the Amiga was light years ahead of the PC at the time. I have been told that the Amiga ran at a mere 5Mhz, and a contemporary PC needed about 100Mhz speed and didn't get anywhere near the Amiga for performance. 

Something that I was sad to see overtaken by the PC and it would have been interesting to see how things would have gone if Commodore were still around.

Summary: Anyoone into retro toys needs to get one

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