Thursday, 14 May 2009

Tesco Value Salted Peanuts

Advantages: Nice price!

Disadvantages: Go 'off' quickly

Salted peanuts. They are peanuts with salt on. So how can they be different from any other brand, the usual brands whose names are ingrained in your brain, you know the ones, you see them hanging up in the pub, behind the bar. You buy them, you get thirsty and you buy some more beer. Well if the pubs were to hang the 'supermarket brand' peanuts behind the bar and charge the sdame price, they would probably make a killing, after a salted peanut is a peanut with salt on it, whichever way you look at it. 
But lets face it sometimes we have bought a 'supermarket brand' item, got it home, given it a try and it was absolutely rank. well this is not he case with Tesco Value salted peanuts. 
This is a definite money saver, not much can be said about them other than they taste peanuty and salty, which kind of pleases me as they are salted peanuts. So in these money-saving times that we need to go through, these are the ones for me - in fact I don't see the point really in buying the brand name ones. I think I will stick with these. The only downside I have with these is that they need to be eaten on the same evening you open the packet. Even if you attempt to make the packet airtight, they don't taste quite the same the next day. But hey, who wants to open a packet of peanuts and not eat them all?

Summary: Inexpensive tasty snack

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