Thursday, 14 May 2009

Comfy Caffe Nero

Advantages: The big comfy chairs and sofas

Disadvantages: A touch pricey, just a touch though. No waiter service, though not really a problem.

There is one particular aspect of Nero's that I enjoy, but more of that later. 

Nero is a self serve cafe - the choice of food and cold drinks are on shelves near the entrance. You take your food to the counter and there it is heated if necessary - the food is brought to the table when cooked. You also order your hot drinks at the counter and pay there. 

There is a 'good' choice of drinks and sandwiches available and in some Neros I have seen salads offered, though to be honest I wouldn't like to comment on their full range and availability - I tend to go there later in the day, perhaps when they have stopped stocking their shelves after the lunchtime rush. 

Let's talk about the food and drink I actually have tried. 

I haven't been through their range of food and drinks, and coffee, in general for me is something that comes out of a jar on a teaspoon. I couldn't tell a latte from a skinny or a cappuccino from an esspresso. 

My drink of choice from Nero's is a good old hot chocolate, which comes with a good splodge of 'squirty cream' on top. The chocolate is already quite sweet, so no need to add any sugar. In the summer I might just have a Pepsi. 

Nero used to do pizza, but when I have been in recently there doesn't seem to be any left - whether or not they have stopped doing it or it has run out I don't know. 

The pizza is served up on a shallow bowl on top of a napkin - this gets awkward as the napkin gets covered in stringy cheese. If you want a knife and fork, you need to ask for this. The pizza is delicious though! 

I can be a little fussy when it comes a sandwich - I want a basic sandwich, with one, two or three at the most ingredients. Neros seem to want to pack as many ingredients into their paninis etc - most people I would guess like this - perhaps they feel it is value for money. 

My favourite is a sausagemeat type panini (I don't remember the Italian name!). I could eat these all day. 

So I tend to limit my choices at Neros - I stick with what I know especially when the sandwiches are between £3 and £4 or more. 

Now my favourite thing about neros - the 'comfy corners'. 

In the Neros I have eaten in, they have had at least two comfy areas, where you are seated at comfy chairs or perhaps a settee. This is what brings me to Neros - I feel that I can chill out and relax while I am eating and drinking. This is an important point for me. When I enter a Caffe Nero, the first thing I check is if there is a free comfy area. If not I go and shop a little more and come back later. 

I recommend Caffe Neros, so long as you don't pinch my comfy seat!!

Summary: Good food, good drinks, good comfort, good cheer.

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