Thursday, 14 May 2009

Oh baby you're coming home with me! - Asda Mini Jelly Babies

Advantages: They are cheap and worth the money

Disadvantages: No real disadvantage

I really like sweeties. I really don't like spending money. OK the second one is a lie - I really enjoy spending money, but sometimes it is just not possible. And at present I am trying to keep the cost of living down to a bare minimum. So the little things that I enjoy in life like sweets, crisps, the ocassional beer and the ocassional glass of wine are now treats. So no longer can I enjoy sweets made by the 'big' companies like rowntrees or bassetts. 

Asda though may be the remedy to this. They have an excellent ranges of sweeties in their own brand and plenty of them too along the sweetie aisle. 

These little babies caught my eye and at just under 8 shillings (that sounds a lot when you say it like that) I had to give them a whirl. 

And you know something? They are good. I found there was a 'sameyness' in the taste, there didn't seem to be distinguishable lemon or say blackcurrant for example from sweet to sweet, but nonethe less the taste is pleasant. 

They are not a bad size either and they will satisfy adults and children. 

While we are going through this credit-crunch, recession or whatever you like to call it, get yourself a taste for the own vrand stuff. It isn't that bad

Summary: A good substitute for the overprice name brands

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