Thursday, 14 May 2009

You get what you pay for - Poundland

Advantages: You will need to look hard for a genuine bargain

Disadvantages: Messy, crowded stores. Safety hazards everywhere.

What can I say. I want this review to sound positive, because I appreciate when there are shops that can get items to the public at knock down prices, however, I am firmly of the belief that you get what you pay for. 

Poundland is good for basic stationery, although in this area you do need to be careful as you could actually be paying more than you could get it at other places. 

You can get practically anything here for a quid! Whether or not it is worth buying is another story. 

I have bought the odd connector like a USB cable, which was good value, however I wasn't too happy about the light bulbs I bought with rusty connectors. You need to watch what you are buying in here - although you are right to take stuff back that isn't up to the job, they aren't going to refund your bus/petrol/parking etc, so sometimes with stuff this cheap you just have to move on. 

The shops are popular and always crowded and on more than one occasion I have almost stood on stock left on the floor, or worse still someone could have tripped on it. 

You can't blame staff for not keeping the shop safe and tidy - Poundland does seem to have high proportion of customers who can't keep thier kids under control, and inevitably kids end up playing with the stock and leaving it on the floor. 

Poundland has come under a lot of criticism from other places, for various safety and environmental issues, but as I said, stayinh positive about them, shop carefully and you will get a bargain.

Summary: 5/10

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