Thursday, 14 May 2009

Not Till Later ( NTL )

Advantages: phone sevice was 'OK'

Disadvantages: Non existent internet service

NTL. Once upon a time I seemed to notice all the online websites that would have a pop at NTL for their appaling customer service. I used to have a little giggle at all the acronyms people would invent for their intials. My favourites being 

Not Till Later and NT Hell. 

I had the misfortune if signing up to NTL for standard telephone service. Then came the big day, almost like going from nursery school to primary, when I though I would step up to this big thing called the internet. So I gave them a ring, and requested I speak to someone about internet services and was told it can't be done in my area, but to wait till later and it should be rolling out soon (hence Not Till Later). 

Not only that when we decided to set up with other companies we were told that you had to have a BT line. 

Well we waited and waited, and no-one EVER called back to let us know about internet in our area. And we went over to BT. 

BT 1 NTL 0

Summary: N T Hell

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