Thursday, 14 May 2009

Playful chocolate and hazelnut treat - Ferrero Rocher

Advantages: They taste sublime

Disadvantages: Playfully messy

I love these not because of their delicious and interesting flavour, but because they are an absolute cop-out for me when it comes to choosing a Birthday, Christmas or Easter gift for someone. seriously if you are ever stuck for choosing a gift for someone, this is the thing to buy. 

Now how do they taste? 

Well they are little round treats, round, and a little smaller than a golf ball. You essentially have a hazelnut, wrapped in a hazelnut cream, then surrounded by a wafer and finally coated in chocolate and chopped hazelnuts. So there you have your basic flavours of chocolate and hazelnut. 

But as you know, the eating experience is not just in the tasting, but the whole stripping of the packaging and the 'playing' with the food. Ferrero Rocher allow you to nibble the chocolate off the outside, leaving you with the crispy sphere below, then you can attempt to nibble this off, but you will seriously only get so far before you start making a mess, so just pop it in your mouth and enjoy. 

Well as I write this Christmas is getting nearer so be sure to get a few boxes of these in to give to your friends at Christmas

Summary: A great gift for all

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