Thursday, 14 May 2009

Coronation Street

Advantages: Easy watching

Disadvantages: none it fulfills its purpose to entertain

For anyone living outwith Britain who may not have heard of Coronation Street, it is the longest running soap opera to be shown on British television. 

It is a program much loved by many because of its insight into ordinary lives, and many British people will associate with it. It is said soaps are supposed to satisfy our sense of ourselves and Coronation Street does fulfill that to a certain degree. 

Like life, people come and go and Corrie is no different, but what keeps the older audience interested are the characters they are familiar with such as Ken Barlow and Emily Bishop. 

What probably attracts a newer audience from the 'Hollyoaks' generation, is probably the introduction of youth characters, who show a little bit of sophistication. 

Much of Corrie's success has largely been down to its portrayal of the working classes, and it would be fair of a critic to say it is still wrapped up in portraying a working class image of a street where 'you could leave your doors open' and everybody knew everybody else's business. 

The fact is life has moved into the 21st century, but hey, long live Corries little tenuous thread of nostalgia.

Summary: 9/10

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