Thursday, 14 May 2009

Slip sliding away - Izal Medicated Strong Toilet Paper

Advantages: Great for using as tracing paper

Disadvantages: It doesn't wipe out the clingons

Oh My GOD!! 

Just for a lark I decided to put this into the search engine and see what came up. I am unsure whether you can still seriously buy this stuff, but there is a nostalgia website out there on the interwebby selling this! 

now I really don't want to talk about my toilet habits, but this is for the benefit of the younger generation. 

Back in the day!!! 

There will be a generation reading this and remembering this stuff fondly. there will be another generation reading this, remembering how they used to encounter this horrid stuff when visiting a grannie or a great-aunt. there will also be a generation reading this who don't have a clue what Izal was. 

Well back in the day, when you were Never Alone with a Strand, people used to wipe their bum with this stuff! 

Now what is so bad about wiping your bum with toilet paper? 

Well this stuff has angles! 

Imagine wiping the bot with greaseproof paper that magically presents to your third eye the folds and points that an origamist would be proud of. It felt like you were wiping with glass! 

Now it would be easy to think that with all those 'jaggy bits; at least the paper would be able to get a grip on the clingons as Mr Spock has probably tried. 

But hell no! 

This stuff is slippier than teflon. I would really love to go into detail here, and for those with toilet humour you would have a great laugh, but it would disgust you. 

It never worked. 

I cannot ever understand why this stuff was ever, ever made. 

Kids, ask yer Grandpoppy about this! 

Happy memories. My Arse!

Summary: A really bad introduction to personal hygiene

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