Thursday, 14 May 2009

Cheap, simple, but hearty pasta meal

Advantages: Cheap and energy giving

Disadvantages: Apparently pasta makes you fat!!

I absolutely love the vesatility of pasta! These are some of the things I do with pasta to get a cheap and easy meal that will give me plenty of energy. 

1st off. Pasta needn't be expensive. You can get a small packet of own brand spaghetti for as little as 19 pence from most of the 'budget' supermarkets. 

And with a tin of soup, you are laughing! 

Pasta takes about ten minutes to boil soft, but read the packet, some are quicker and others a little longer. Just pop about a fistful of spaghetti (sounds like the name of an Itallian cowboy film!!) for each person into half a pan of SALTED boiling water. I personally avoid the salt, which most people I know find strange, but hey ho, each to their own. 

While the pasta is bubbling away, gently heat whatever soup you have, if money is tight a cheap tin of tomato soup does the trick, but if you can stretch to it, get either Heinz tomato, minestrone, or mushroom soup. 

Drain the pasta, then put it with the soup into a large enough pan or serving dish, then spoon into a bowl. You really need to treat this meal as a hearty soup. If you want more of a plated meal, use condensed soup, but don't water it down.

Summary: A cheap tasty meal

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