Thursday, 14 May 2009

Jacob's Cream Crackers - You need cheese with these

Advantages: Great with cheese - did I mention that?

Disadvantages: Absolutely disgusting served 'dry'

How in heaven's name do you write a review convincing someone that a very dry crispy biscuit, that soaks up every ounce of drool in your mouth, until it resembles the desert, and tastes, well, practically tasteless can in actual fact be a pleasure and a joy to eat? Well that will unfold later. 

I can't remember when I first encountered these, although there is a photograph of me, taken a long time ago, in some family album somewhere, where I am sitting in a high chair, with my 'cream-cracker face' on. To get to the point I am munching on a dry cream cracker with flakes and crumbs all over my face. My face is screwed up, and although I am halfway through this snack which takes a lot of munching, it is clear that something isn't right. I resemble the proverbial "witch sucking a lemon", or the "bulldog chewing a wasp". 

Well I don't remember this moment, but it is clear to say you still won't find me munching on a dry cream cracker, the very thought disgusts me. 


Get me a pack of quality butter and great big slabs of seriously strong cheddar a packet of Jacob's cream crackers and a really big, strong and sweet cup of coffee, and I am all yours (well after I have savoured the combined delights of all the above). It is so simple to put together - spread loads of butter on each slice, cut the cheese to suitable thickness - the trick is for it to look like a well balanced snack, ie. crackers with cheese, not cheese with crackers - lay the slices of cheese on one buttered cracker and put the other another buttered cracker on top of the cheese - you all know how. I usually have 8 to 10 crackers and enough cheese to make 4 to 5 'sandwiches' out of this lot. 

It is a seriously unhealthy snack if consumed too often with all that fatty butter and cheese, and if I could, I would happily live on this (with some crisps thrown in for a change every now and then). 

It is so simple to throw this together at any time of the day. Breakfast, lunch, supper, you name it. It is also a compact lunch to take to work, or on a day out, and is compact and will fit in a small sandwich box in your rucksack with a pint of milk to wash it down. 

I am off to the kitchen now!

Summary: A great companion to really strong cheddar cheese

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