Thursday, 14 May 2009

Lucky there's a Family Guy

Advantages: Damn funny and observes life as it is with a comic twist

Disadvantages: Some adult themes which are a little OTT and cruel. You need to be a little open-minded

Just like The Simpsons, I could not bear this programme at first. And just like the Simpsons I grew to like this. OK admittedly I never really got into the Simpson's. It would probably be truer to say I grew to not hate the Simpson's as much as I did. 

But Family Guy, this is great. Peter Griffin is that slob that everyone knows, and he is also the slobby couch potato that likes a beer and a dirty joke, that is inside every guy, even the meekest of men have the tiniest little bit of Peter Griffin in them. And ironically it is when I am watching Family Guy I like to have my half an hour of slob out time (BBC3 have been running two fifteen minute episodes back to back recently, late in the evening). 

But of all the characters on here Stewie is my favourite. Stewie is a rather 'intelligent' and eloquent infant. Stewie has his sidekick in Brian, the family's pet, though he is a little more because he actually talks and walks upright. 

Anyway if you haven't seen this, get switched over to BBC3 and grab a beer and an episode or two of Family Guy. 

You'll love the theme tune and you will be singing it all day tomorrow.

Summary: 10/10

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