Thursday, 14 May 2009

Great big ridges of crunchiness (McCoys Crisps)

Advantages: They are unusual

Disadvantages: salt and vinegar a little too sharp for my taste

These are real jaw breakers! Great big hunky chunky potato snacks. They are big, thick and ridged. Now let us talk about the flavour, the multi packs come in cheddar and onion, salted and salt and vinegar. Now as with all things what your preference is, is a matter of taste. I will go in reverse order my favourite. The salted ones are just that salted, and not a plain snack by any means, but just a salted snack, made a little more special by the particular shape and texture that McCoys are. The salt and vinegar, though packed with flavour and definitely a stimulus for the tongue are a little to sharp for me and that combination of the sharpness and the big feel of these in your mouth, is sometimes a little too much. Then we get to the best - Cheddar and Onion. Sometimes a flavour is just so, that you can't say too much about it. Of all the McCoy's flavours this is my favourite. One has to resist the temptation of eating these first - you need to eat a multipack in REVERSE order of the flavour you like best.

Summary: a five star snack

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