Thursday, 14 May 2009

Bye Bye Ebay, Bye Bye Paypal, Hello Ebid, Hello Google Checkout Are You Disillusioned with Ebay?

Advantages: Ebay has no advantages for me whatsover

Disadvantages: Unfair feedback structure, Google Checkout is not allowed as paypal is owned by ebay Ridiculous FEES

It is now becoming more apparent that ebay is no longer the place to buy your books, toys, clothes and generally anything else that floats your boat. 

They have messed around with their system to the extent it is no longer viable for home sellers to list there. 

Fees and the additional fees of paypal being forced on its users (contrary to belief, not everyone uses or even likes papypal) has also forced sellers over to, and now many of the buyers are following them over to ebid, and dumping paypal in favour of the easier to use (and cheaper for sellers) Google Checkout. 

Ebay's unfair changes to their feedback system has been the last straw for many, who have now migrated over to ebid. 

Mind you I said earlier 'forced people over to ebid'. It was more of a case of more people finding out about ebid's no listing fee policy and low (usually none) Final Value Fees. 

Well now if you didn't know about, you do now, and have no real excuse to hang around ebay any longer. 

Happy flitting!

Summary: I wouldn't touch ebay with a barge pole

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