Thursday, 14 May 2009

Domes of loveliness (Tunnock's Teacakes)

Advantages: Tasty

Disadvantages: none

This is the king of tea time snacks. This is what that break in the afternoon is all about. This is what that break at any time of the day is all about and should quite revolve around. For those you ou not familiar with these, consider a dome shape made of chocolate about the diameter of a biscuit. The base of this is a soft biscuit, the dome is actually hollow, only its shell is chocolate. The inside is a kind of fondant creme concoction. Now there is a knack to eatingthese for it is quite messy. As soon as you bite into the choclate dome, you are presented with a mess of said fondant cremeiness. Some people pick the chocolate shell off with their teeth leaving a precariously balanced creme dome. Some just try and eat it the traditional bite at a time method, while others take the whole dome off the biscuit base in one bite, then daintliy nibble away at the base that is left. Whatever your method, just revel in the deliciousness of these. Oh and don't forget to flatten out the foil wrapper into a perfect square!

Summary: A tasty treat to get your mouth around

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