Thursday, 14 May 2009

Oodle Doodle Toodle lovely Pot Noodle

Advantages: Very quick and easy to 'cook'. Tastes delicious when you are cold, hungry and cant be bothered.

Disadvantages: Not to everyones taste.

So what you have here is a foil-lidded plastic pot, the contents of which you are supposed to eat. So, lets peel back the foil lid and see what is inside - a plasticky, powdery looking solid lump, with a little sachet on top resembling a condom wrapper. Not really appetising to look at. But wait! This is supposed to be food and nutrition. This is supposed to be a delicious snack. OK, so lets see the instructions, lets see how you are supposed to cook this thing. The cooking instructions spell out a rather tedious routine which involves pouring water and checking, and waiting and repeating, then when, you think it is 'done' opening the sachet and applying the sauce. Then taste! OOH OOH OOH that is hot! So you wait a while, till it cools a little and taste again. DELICIOUS! No seriously, I love these. Despite the look of the freshly opened package and the tedium of the instructions, these are perfect for those moments when you are starving, you need something hot and 'comfortable' and you just really can't be bothered preparing food and cooking it. Just make sure you don't add too much or too little water. Don't forget the bread and butter, and a comfy chair and a good DVD on the box!

Summary: An easy way of solving the problem of hunger

Image taken from AJBeanster's Flickr photostream as per Creative Commons agreement

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